I have many ideas for things I’d like to see in the world, unfortunately I don’t have nearly enough time to pursue even a small fraction of them. I’ve decided I shall try to start recording some of those ideas here. Maybe if I’m lucky, someone will feel inspired and create and share one of these with the world.

  1. I quite like the programming language Go. I think it might be interesting to see the idea of the Tauri (optimized, secure, and frontend-independent application for multiple platforms) framework but designed/made to work with the Go language.

  2. Write an extension to detect, counter, and subvert unethical CSS tracking techniques. More examples can be found on this Github along with an extension/solution that could be worked with however it hasn’t been updated for 4 years and I would guess it’s likely worthwhile to explore any circumvention techniques that may have popped up in any new CSS standards.

  3. Write/fork a JavaScript runtime engine to detect and counter JavaScript based tracking techniques + store/cache safe versions of JavaScript code/assets locally. Outside of not being tracked being nice it may also improve site performance and reduce the load on web servers globally which I think would be good for the world and environment.

  4. I find the history of dictionaries very interesting. I’d personally love to be able to use the dict program to search through a variety of locally stored/offline dictionaries. Unfortunately there isn’t a large collection of dictionaries on the AUR so I’d like to one day write a bot to scrape, process, and store popular dictionaries offline - dict.org