Sometimes I wish I spent more time writing (or should I say typing?) but if I’m being completely honest, I much prefer writing code and reading/researching than I do writing digitally.

I came across an interesting mind recently, Baruch Spinoza. I quite like his approach to freedom and the “art of thinking in dangerous times”. I think there’s much value to be found with his way of approaching life.

rare happiness of living in a republic, where everyone’s judgment is free and unshackled, where each may worship God as his conscience dictates, and where freedom is esteemed before all things dear and precious.

Baruch Spinoza - a seventeenth-century philosopher

the problem of the relation between philosophy and politics

Sociology of knowledge’ does not limit itself to the study of knowledge proper. Being critical in regard to its own basis, it studies im- partially everything that pretends to be knowledge as well as genuine knowledge

To realize the necessity of a sociology of philosophy, one must turn to other ages, if not to other climates

Persecution and the Art of Writing